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Cuddling .

I guess when it comes to this subject, I’m not your average girl. I don’t see the point in cuddling all the time. Like Yea, its cool once in a while but is there a reason why we have to lay in bed for hours all over each other like we’re never gonna see each other again ? That’s kind of annoying, especially when we live together and PDA ? Really tho ? Do we have to hold hands everywhere we go ? Is there something we have to prove to the world ? What’s the point of walking with your arms around my waist when your gonna step on my foot if I suddenly stop -.- annoying. This is one thing me and my bf can agree on. Too much of something/someone gets annoying .

Awkward Situation

I get like 20+ friend requests on Facebook a day. I use it mostly to promote club nights for my bf so I basically add everyone. Then I get this request from this kid &’ he inboxs me tryina get with me.. which I initially found funny considering the kid is like my little brothers age (possibly younger). But I looked thru his pictures out of curiosity and noticed his face was familiar. I ask a few questions &’ figured out where I knew him from. Turns out he used to live next door to me when I was younger &’ I used to like “baby-sit” him . Yea.. he backed off after I told him where I know him from. But it was weird .

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