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Excuse my venting …

There are things that people should NEVER have to deal with . This is one of them . Tired of the constant cries for attention from people who do nothing for themselves . Be fucking grateful for the life you live . Being miserable is a state of mind - IT’S A CHOICE &’ if you CHOOSE to be so then do it on your own fucking time ! Quit tryina bring others down with you or make them feel guilty for the choices YOU’VE made ! No one can make you happy if you don’t first put the effort forth to make YOURSELF happy !!!!

The most amazing feeling comes over me just LOOKING at you . I don’t miss anyone from my past but if you became a part of my past it would feel like I’m missing a big part of me. &’ tho you make it so difficult to love you, you make it much more difficult not to .. <3 O7.O4.o9

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